Short Fiction

“From Earth to Io, with love” Published in Fiyah Issue 21 Jan 2022

A geologist’s trip to Jupiter’s moon Io by teleportation. What could go wrong? You can read a review by Maria Haskins here, and a Tor review by Alex Brown here. Paul Weymouth also did a youtube review with spoilers here.

Mahr” Published in Our Move Next Anthology Jan 2022

Android sisters in the deeply religious northern Nigeria confront a familiar evil. A story about religious patriarchy and what men do to women’s bodies–android or otherwise. You can listen to the Sound Cloud version here

Abiku” Published in Priairiefire. Dec 2021 and In the Sands of Time: Tolufalola Prize Anthology 2021.

Two brothers, Abikus, contemplate their recurrent mortality, and one defies it.

A Monstrous Bargain” Published On the Premises Magazine. Honorable mention Nov 2021

An earlier version of Mahr with a different and less satisfying ending (in my opinion). Read Mahr instead if you must choose one of the two.

Cycle of the Eternal Witness” Published in Omenana Issue 15 August 2020

An astronaut lands on a planet at the edge of a black hole and hears someone speaking Yoruba. A story about the origins of the universe, time, and the dichotomy of Gods and Devils. You can read a review by Charles Payseur here and another by Brian Lindenmuth here and Karen Burnman’s in LocusMag. This also made the Locus recommended reading list for 2020

Autobiography” An essay about the self. Published by The Kalahari Review. August 2020

Spoken word poetry about the beauty of the self-aware universe.

The Horrible Death of Seyi Egbejeyi” Published by Sub-Saharan magazine July 2020.

A reprint of the first story I ever sold! circa 2002

The Not-so-Secret Lives of Nigerian Politicians” Published by Pandemic Publications. May 2020. Long-listed for the Nommo Short Story award 2021 for African speculative fiction.

An allegory of the Nigerian situation. A literal take of that Jean Jacques quote. You know the one.

Dry Gutter” Published in Kalahari Review Mar 2019

A story dear to my heart as an ophthalmologist. It’s about a blind couple and the tragedy their relationship faces when one receives sight-restoring surgery and the other can’t.

Hoax Mermaid” Published in The Canary Press Issue 1, an Australian Print Magazine in Nov 2014. Reprint Published in Page and Spine Sept 2014. Reprint Published in The Naked Convos in Jun 2016. Nominated for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014 (Titled as Ikanre)

My most reprinted story. It’s about human greed, and the transactions we make in exchange for our souls. There are mermaids in this story and they get massacred!

Omoonile” Published in On The Premises Mar 2008 / Second place winner On The Premises Short Story Competition Mar 2008

A story about the unfortunate misunderstanding between a naked mad man and a well-wishing community.

Marie’s last grasp” Published in Everyday Fiction Feb 2008/ Reprinted in Best of Everyday Fiction Nov 2009

Loved this one. A flash fiction piece. A slice of life about a dying woman and her last act.

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