Short Fiction

Cycle of the Eternal Witness” Published in Omenana Issue 15 August 2020

Autobiography” An essay about the self. Published by The Kalahari Review. August 2020

The Horrible Death of Seyi Egbejeyi” Published by Sub-Saharan magazine July 2020.

The Not-so-Secret Lives of Nigerian Politicians” Published by Pandemic Publications. May 2020. Long-listed for the Nommo Short Story award 2021 for African speculative fiction.

Dry Gutter” Published in Kalahari Review Mar 2019

Hoax Mermaid” Published in The Canary Press Issue 1, an Australian Print Magazine in Nov 2014. Reprint Published in Page and Spine Sept 2014. Reprint Published in The Naked Convos in Jun 2016. Nominated for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize 2014 (Titled as Ikanre)

Omoonile” Published in On The Premises Mar 2008 / Second place winner On The Premises Short Story Competition Mar 2008

Marie’s last grasp” Published in Everyday Fiction Feb 2008/ Reprinted in Best of Everyday Fiction Nov 2009

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